What is the Definition of Galaxy?

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What is the Definition of Galaxy? – Knowing what is the definition of galaxy is a good start if you want to learn more about astronomy or any kinds of study related to the universe. If you think the earth is huge enough, you need to think twice because once you get out there, beyond earth, you will realize that the earth, even the solar system is only a small part of the galaxy. Confused yet? This information about what is the definition of galaxy along with other information related to it.

What is a Galaxy?

Basically, a galaxy can be defined as a collection of stars and planets. Those stars and planets are held together by gravity. There will be numerous celestial bodies in a galaxy that rotate around a central subject. There are thousands of galaxies in the universe. The one galaxy that the earth is in is called the Milky Way.

Milky Way is classified as a spiral galaxy. The appearance of the Milky Way is like spiral arms with a center like disk and a bit of bulge in the center. Our solar system, including the earth, the sun, and other planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and so on, is only a small part of the Milky Way.

What is the Definition of Galaxy
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What is Inside a Galaxy?

Even though people generally think that inside a galaxy there will be stars and planets, a galaxy is more complicated than that in the inside. Inside each galaxy in the universe, stars and planets are not the only objects found. There are also moons, asteroids, black holes, comets, and dark matter inside a galaxy.

Are All Galaxies the Same?

As stated before, there are thousands of galaxies in the universe. They are not identical at all. Galaxies are like countries. Every galaxy is unique, just like every galaxy. Some galaxies are extremely complex and some others are considered as quite simple. The celestial objects found in each galaxy is also not the same. Say for example, galaxies classified as elliptical galaxies have more stars in it, more than other types of the galaxy. It makes elliptical galaxies are brighter and more noticeable.

Now that you know what a galaxy is, you can start learning more and more about the universe. Considering that there are so many things exist in the universe, you can tell that the field of astronomy and other studies about the universe are going to be very exciting. It all begins by understanding what is the definition of galaxy.

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