5 Most Bizarre Galaxies in the Universe

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5 Most Bizarre Galaxies in the Universe – Finding out 5 most bizarre galaxies in the universe is very exciting. As we all know, the Milky Way or the galaxy that the earth is in, is not the only galaxy exist in the universe. There are thousands more of galaxies out there. Some of them are quite exceptional, unique, and sometimes bizarre. Below, you will find out 5 most bizarre galaxies in the universe.

1. The Black Eye Galaxy

This galaxy is considered as unique and bizarre just because of its look. The galaxy looks so evil. The entire galaxy is looking like the eye of the devil. It has dark black elongated shape with a center of red bulge, just like an eye starring right at you. This galaxy moves very irregularly, makes it even more bizarre.

2. The Porpoise Galaxy

The Porpoise Galaxy is also known as galaxy NGC 2936. This galaxy is considered to be bizarre because of its look. The galaxy looks exactly like a dolphin with an egg. The uniqueness about this galaxy is more to it because this galaxy is actually two galaxies merging into one. The dolphin part of the galaxy is the main body spiral galaxy; just like our Milky Way and the egg part is the core of the galaxy.

Most Bizarre Galaxies in the Universe
Most Bizarre Galaxies In The Universe | Credit : gazetax.com

3. The NGC 660 Galaxy

This galaxy is also known as a polar ring galaxy. This galaxy is bizarre because its type is very hard to find. It is extremely rare. This galaxy is formed from stars and dust. The galaxy also has rings and a galactic disk

4. The NGC 474 Galaxy

The NCG 474 is much known to astronomers or people interested in the study of the universe. It is because this galaxy is one of the few galaxies with outer shells. Because of the outer shell, this galaxy is protected by irregular-shaped halos, which is very interesting to see.

5. The Southern Pinwheel

This galaxy is also known as the M83 galaxy. It is a galaxy that has been known to men for a long time. It was discovered like 250 years ago and it is not a surprise that the galaxy gets discovered so quickly. It is bizarre because of the brightness. It is believed that this galaxy is the brightest galaxies in the universe, making it very visible, even to naked eyes.

Those 5 galaxies above are indeed bizarre and unique. Beside the 5 of them, there are still plenty more of galaxies that can be examined. You will find a lot of interesting facts about numerous galaxies in the universe because each galaxy has different story. However, those 5 most bizarre galaxies in the universe mentioned above are enough to prove you that the universe is indeed endless and unique.

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